SECA Body Composition Scanner

The SECA body composition scanner allows the team at MediMax Obesity Institute to know exactly what is occurring when our patients lose weight.*

What is the SECA body composition scanner?

The SECA body composition scanner allows the team at MediMax Obesity Institute to know exactly what is occurring when our patients lose weight.* The device shows the exact amount of lean muscle that your body has, and where that lean muscle is distributed.* We aim to help our patients regain their overall health, not just lose weight. Ideally, fat will be lost while your lean muscle holds strong or even increases!*

How does SECA work?

SECA Body Composition Scanner
The amount of lean muscle in each arm, each leg and the torso is reported down to the hundredth of a pound. With a waist measurement added in, the machine tells us how much of your body’s fat is visceral fat.* That’s the fat inside your abdomen, and the biggest risk factor in cardiovascular disease and diabetes, often resulting in heart attacks and strokes. The body composition scanner also shows how well hydrated a patient is, and gives an overall gauge of their nutritional condition and state of health.*

SECA screen

This device is used by many professional sports teams, as it’s the ultimate way to monitor player health and fitness. Muscle atrophy is a major concern during injuries, and with the SECA device, trainers know when a person is back to full strength. Body builders can use the results to tailor their workouts to even out differences in their limbs.

SECA floor pad

We don’t expect patients to compete with professional athletes, nor do we say they have to exercise as much as the pros, but that doesn’t mean their bodies don’t deserve the best in care. Not only are they getting top shelf technology, but they’re getting it with an easy access base with stationary hand holds for foolproof operation. Once the scan starts it only takes 17 seconds, and the graphs in the printout make the results easy to understand.

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At MediMax Obesity Institute in British Columbia, we use the SECA body composition scanner to give us more information about the weight that you lose. By measuring lean muscle, we can determine if the weight you are losing is from fat. This device is a great way to show us if your weight loss program is working properly. Based on the results of your scans, we can make adjustments to your program and optimize it as much as possible.* To learn more, give us a call at (604) 217-1827. If you’d like to request an appointment at one our three clinics in BC (Abbotsford, Chilliwack or Langley), use the form on our website. Get a custom weight loss treatment today!

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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